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Hiking Tours done in 2004


Col De La Faucile (FR - Jura) 2004/04/24

Height: <1700m Distance to climb: 300m Difficulty: Very easy
The first contact with the Jura. A very easy walk, but I was at that time in such a bad condition that I could not reach the top. Well, these days are now over...

Le Reculet (FR - Jura) 2004/05/02

Height: 1717m Distance to climb: 857m Difficulty: Easy
We didn't reach the top that time, since some of our colleagues were already late for a barbecue. Anyway, a good training for our that time weak legs.

Le Reculet (FR - Jura) 2004/05/16

Height: 1717m Distance to climb: 857m Difficulty: Easy
This time we went to the top in a wonderful day with clear skies. However, one should not underestimate the 860m to be climbed. 

Le Mole (FR) 2004/05/23

Height: 1863m Distance to climb: 650 Difficulty: Easy
My first hike with magnificent views to the Mt. Blanc. It think it was there where I became hike-sick.

Tour from Salicio's web

Dent De Oche (FR - Evian) 2004/05/30

Height: 2221m Distance to climb: 1015m Difficulty: Difficult
It was supposed to be an easy walk in the mountains. Well, after climbing the second chain I was no longer afraid of it, but oh la la... Anyway, it was worth doing it because the views and the experience were simply fantastic.

Tour from Salicio's web

Les Trois Aiguilles (FR) 2004/06/06

Height: 2277m Distance to climb: 1077m Difficulty: Easy
A very long and smooth way up. 300m before the summit the Mt. Blanc appears behind the hills. In a clear day the view must be really fantastic. The last part was quite hard but we all survived and had some extra fun on the snow.

Tour from Salicio's web

Trou De La Mouche (FR) 2004/06/13

Height: 2467m Distance to climb: 1030m Difficulty: Medium
It was funny to see so much snow in June and were lucky to see even some avalanches. During the last 200m we had to climb a little and it was not that fun for all of us. The views through the Trou made us forget all bad moments.

Tour from Salicio's web

Cabane De l'A Neuve (CH - Wallis) 2004/06/27

Height: 2735m Distance to climb: 1300m Difficulty: Medium
First hike on long snow paths. Lots of fun climbing the several chains on the way. An alpine microcosmos with all kind of possible landscapes.

Tour from Noth's web

La Tournette (FR) 2004/07/04

Height: 2351m Distance to climb: 1300m Difficulty: Medium
We went up as fast as we could and found one of the brightest and clearest days in the summer. We shared the views to the Mt. Blanc and the lake by Annecy with a lot of other hikers up there. 

Tour from Salicio's web

Pic Du Marcelly (FR) 2004/07/11

Height: 1999m Distance to climb: 560m Difficulty: Easy
Easy roundtrip with two tricky points. As usual, we got lost. It was nice to see our three colleagues in the corral.

Tour from Salicio's web

Cabane De Bertol (CH - Wallis) 2004/07/17

Height: 3311m Distance to climb: 1300m Difficulty: Medium
I didn't see anything like that before. Gorgeous, marvelous, a door open to a different world. The weather wasn't particularly good, but still then it was worth to go. I will certainly repeat it!!!

Tour from Noth's web

Pointe De Sales (FR) 2004/08/15

Height: 2497m Distance to climb: 1317m Difficulty: Easy
During the first part of the hike, the noise of the many cascades was a kind of relaxing song. Then the rocky part came, like a small part of the moon here on earth. At the top we won the price: a clear and bright sky.

Tour from Salicio's web

Tour Pays Mt Blanc (FR) 2004/08/20-22

Height: 2000-2500m Distance to climb: 900m Difficulty: Medium
The longest hike I made so far. A pity we couldn't climb the Bouet due to the bad weather (wind and snow in August). However, we got the first price the day after and enjoyed, once more, the impressive views to the Mt. Blanc.

Tour from Salicio's web

L'Etale (FR) 2004/08/29

Height: 2483m Distance to climb: 1292m Difficulty: Difficult
We walked along a nearly 45º constant slope up to 60m before the summit. Afterwards we climbed the quite vertical last part, which was not completely free of risk. Great fun, although the summit was fully covered by clouds and couldn't see very much.

Tour from Salicio's web

Le Reculet (FR - Jura) 2004/10/17

Height: 1717m Distance to climb: 857m Difficulty: Easy
First snow at the Jura after a strange summer. It was pretty cold and windy. Indeed, we couldn't find the cross at the summit due to the poor visibility.

Kilimanjaro (TZ) 2004/11/28

Height: 5895m Distance to climb: 4000m Difficulty: Difficult
This is going to be a big one... Can't wait until it comes!



Hiking Tours done in 2005


La_Pedriza_(E) 2005/5/6

Height: 2018 Distance to climb: 1000m Difficulty: Easy-Medium
First hike tour of the season. Everything went fine but the descent was a bit tedious and poorly signed.

Ibon de la Llardaneta_(E) 2005/7/9

Height: 2700 Distance to climb: 1200m Difficulty: Easy but lengthy
First time in the Pyrenees. A really wonderful hike!

Portillón de Benás_(E) 2005/7/10

Height: 2500 Distance to climb: 600m Difficulty: Easy
The day after we crossed the "portillón" and entered in France.

The Baltoro Glacier (PK) 2005/3/8

Max Height: 5600 Distance to climb: 2600 Difficulty: Medium but exhausting
Just watch the pictures. It is an incredible place.



Hiking Tours done in 2006



Cuerda Larga (E) 2006/8/7

Height: 2398m Distance to climb: 1200m Difficulty: Easy but lengthy
18 km long trek from La Morcuera to Navacerrada

Ruwenzori_(UG) 2006/1/8

Height: 5100 Distance to climb: 3000m Difficulty: Really hard
The legendary mountains of the moon

Tassilli N'Ajjer_(AL) 2006/27/12

Height: 1800 Distance to climb: 700 m Difficulty: Very Easy
A few days lost in the desert


Links for hiking in Switzerland and France

Jose Salicio's Outings web page (very detailed hiking proposals, mainly in France)

Some hiking tours (Noth's page: hiking proposals mainly in Switzerland)

Bergtouren, Hochtouren und ... (in german) 

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Other hiking related links

Federación Madrileña de Montañismo (in spanish)

Hiking material at "Barrabés" (in spanish)

Revista Desnivel (in spanish)

Hiking material at "Au Vieux Campeur" (in french)

Club Alpin from St. Genis (open from 20:45 til 22:00, in french)

geographica (Hiking, climbing and all kind of trips. Hike club)

Infoaventura (all kind of outdoors activities)



Weather forecast


Meteo in Chamonix (general web page)

Meteo in Chamonix (local web page)

Meteo and Hiking in Chamonix (very detailed hiking information and meteo)

Meteo in France (general web page)

Meteo in Switzerland (general web page)

Several weather forecasts for Switzerland  (general page)

Weather for Alpine Tours and Astronomy (general page)

Meteo in Spain (Instituto Nacional de Meteorología)





Links to a lot of brands


Here are some recommendations about the equipment to be carried for a hike.


Always recommended:


-Waterproof boots (use always additional wax)

-Raincoat (i.e. Gore-Tex® jacket)


-Warm clothes (i.e. Polartec® + Windstopper® jacket)

-Backpack (40l are recommended for long hikes)

-Hut or cap against the sun

-Sunglasses (factor 4 if walking on glaciers, 3 otherwise)

-Trekking poles

-Shirt made of polyester

-Enough water (for example a 3l Camelbak® watering system)

-Enough food.

-Sleeping bag: Salewa (Diadem 1000 or 1200), Mountain Hardwear, Ferrino (1200), Marmot (Never Summer), Feathered Friend, Diamir (Nanga Parbat)...


For hikes in snow:


-Waterproof trousers (i.e. Gore-Tex®)


-Waterproof boots suited for crampons


-Ice axe (piolet)

-Headlamps (if starting very early in the morning)


Depending on the risks:



-Ropes, 15 m to 30 m (rigid for normal walks, elastic for vertical climbing)


-2 x Carabiners


Nice things to carry along:


-Altimeter/barometer watch (the lovely T-Touch watch from Tissot)

-GPS navigation system (like the eTrex Legend C or the GPS Map 60CS from Garmin)


Where to find...


Some good brands for boots: LaSportiva (model Nepal Extreme for snow+crampons), Tecnica, Kayland, Lowa, Bestard...

Some good brands for backpacks: Deuter, LoweAlpine, Salewa...

Some good brands for clothing: La Fuma, Mammut, The North Face, Mountain Hardwear, LoweAlpine, Patagonia, Trangoworld, Grifone...

Good illumination equipment from Petzl...

Ice Axes, crampons, screws, harnesses, helmets, trekking poles at: Charlet Moser (now Petzl-Charlet), Grivel, Singing Rock, Trango...

Navigation and GPS systems in Switzerland at Electronic Systems (Meyrin - GVA).


Get your clothes, sleeping bags and Gore-Tex equipment repaired at Plumas Las Cruces in Madrid. They repair and seal almost everything!


Shops in Madrid


C/ Orense 56

28020 Madrid

Tel: 91 556 80 35

Mon - Sat, 9:00 - 21:00 h

It is like "El Corte Inglés" for mountain clothes. They do have almost everything but not at the lowest prices. Bought a lot of things here: hat, trekking trowsers, long armed T-shirts (patagonia)...

Luce Deportes

C/Ferrocarril 36

28045 Madrid

Tel: 91 468 74 07

Never bought anything there.

La Tienda-Montaña

Baja de San Pablo 8 - 10

28004 Madrid

Tel: 91 531 00 99

Never bought anything there.

Reina Mercedes, 19

Tel: 91 534 5939

Small shop but with a lot of nice things. Good Mountain Hardwear assortiment. I bought there my sleeping bag and a very light soft shell. Ask for Eva, she  is a kind lady. The prices are not the cheapest but it is possible to negotiate a price reduction.


Jaen 16

28020 Madrid

Tel: 91 534 59 39

Fax: 91 533 22 89

Never bought anything there. Have gone always to the other shop at Reina Mercedes street.

Deportes Makalu

Ribera de Curtidores 2

28005 Madrid

Tel: 91 527 54 58

Fax: 91 528 83 69

Never bought anything there.

Mont Camp Sport

Antonio López 156

28026 Madrid

Tel: 91 476 65 66

Fax: 91 476 17 13

Never bought anything there.

Picos Deportes de Montaña

Berrocal 4

28400 Collado-Villalba


Tel: 91 851 92 43

Fax: 91 851 92 43

Never bought anything there.

Klepper Deportes

Ribera de Curtidores 2

28005 Madrid

Tel: 91 528 07 50

It looks like a small shop but they do have a lot of good things at acceptable prices. The young people is well informed, so go directly to them. Bought T-shirts, Bestard shoes and other minor stuff.

Casa de la Montaña

Ribera de Curtidores 1

28005 Madrid

Tel: 91 506 10 14

Fax: 91 467 03 14

Never bought anything there.

Tres Valles

Plaza Luca de Tena 4

28045 Madrid

Tel: 91 468 42 80

Fax: 91 467 10 68

Never bought anything there.

Campo 4, S.L.

Méjico 9

28820 Coslada


Tel: 91 674 10 59

Fax: 91 674 10 59


Never bought anything there.

Multisport Fdo. Partida

La Calzada 6

28440 Guadarrama


Tel: 91 854 79 86

Fax: 91 855 12 30

Never bought anything there.

Deportes Andorra

Mieses 27

28220 Majadahonda

Tel: 91 634 28 61

Fax: 91 634 28 61

Never bought anything there.

Gonza Sport

Ribera de Curtidores 15

28005 Madrid

Tel: 91 527 57 48

Fax: 91 506 46 03

They do have some fancy stuff, but the price is a bit higher than at other shops. Go to the young guys and avoid the girls/ladies.

Ocho Doble Montañismo

Reyes Católicos 20 Portal L 3C

28980 Parla


Tel: 91 605 60 55

Never bought anything there.

Las Peñuelas, 14

Tel: 91 5 176 330 

They do have Salewa sleeping bags. Ask for Emilio, he's a very friendly and talkative guy!  Never bought anything there.



Cartagena, 174

Tel: 91 563 50 15

They are very friendly people. Never bought anything there.

Roca y Hielo

Moratines, 16

28005 Madrid

Tel/Fax: 91 517 86 91

Gonzalo is a very nice guy.

Plumas Las Cruces

Camino de las Cruces, 44

28044 Madrid

Tel: 91 509 30 32

Mobile: 639 20 43 38

They are top in repairing sleeping bags and any kind of things made of down. They also manufacture sleeping bags. Never bough anything there.


Addresses of other shops



Future projects (?)


Mt. Blanc

Mt. Blanc (FR) sometime in 2005

Height: 4807m Distance to climb: 3000m Difficulty: Difficult
Someday next summer we will do it!!!

Aconcagua (AR) winter 2005

Height: 6970m Distance to climb: 3800m Difficulty: Difficult
For the moment it is just a plan, but it is certainly a "very" serious one!!!
Kilimanjaro 5895m (Africa) Elbrus 5642m (Europe) Aconcagua 6962m (South America)
Denali 6194m (North America) Everest 8850m (Asia) Carstensz 4884m (Oceania)
Vinson 4897m (Antartica)

The 7 summits

Dreaming is not forbidden.



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