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Blogs & Photographers


Art Wolfe (one of the best wildlife photographers around)

Crhis Orwig

Chris Rainier

David Duchemin (Fotografía de ONGs)

Nikon Rumours

Joe McNally's blog (the guru of lighting)

Jeremy Cowart

Joey L (a 20 years old master)

Ken Rockwell (very good reviews, galleries, tutorials and much more)

Moose Peterson's blog (wildlife in pure state)

Photoshop resources (all kind of videos)

Pixelated Image

Scott Kelby's blog

Steve Hoffmann's Nature and Scenic Photography (miscellaneous information + tutorials)

Terry White Tech's blog (photo gadgets)

Top 100 photography blogs

Zack Arias

Courses, workshops and photographic trips

African Safari Pictures

Andi Biggs

Bangkok Photoschool

Chavi Nández

Europe press photography

Evadium talleres fotográficos

Fotoasia (Nicolas Pascarel)



Foundry Photojournalism

LIght on Scotland

London Photo Tour

National Geographic Expeditions

Peachpit Photo Critique by David Duchemin

Photo Tours

Photo workshop Arles


Photographic Safaris

Taranná talleres fotográficos y cursos

Travel Images

World Photo Adventure

Lighting and flash

Strobist 101 document (pdf) in Spanish

American Photo Imp (strobist material)

Strobist (famous blog with zillions of info)


Adding edges 1

Blue Hour video tutorials

Chemical toning (Virados clásicos en digital)

Complex selections

Dzoom (blog lots of useful posts)

Get Brushes

Ghostbones (free textures from the kind flickr user)

HDR tutorial by _uncommon (flickr user)

High Key

Image * after (free textures)

Jaiel textures (from flickr)

LucisArt Tutorial ()

Obsidian dawn (brushes and other tools)

Photoshop designs (tutoriales)

Photoshop tutorial

Photoshop resources (all kind of videos)

Photoshop support (textures and backgrounds)

Pixel digital free stock photos (textures and backgrounds)

PS Hero (tutorials)

SoloPhotoshop (tutoriales)

Tutorials in spanish (I)

Tutorials in spanish (II)

Zombie Stock (nice backgrounds for ageing photos)

Best Photoshop effects

Clones or how to add multiple exposures

Dragan effect

Degraded sky

Face shining

Orton effect

Pop Art portraits

Reflejos (spanish)

Brillos en el pelo

David Hill technique (in Spanish)

Photorealistic reflections 1

Photorealistic reflections with displacement map


Software and tools


Free ISO 12233 resolution test chart (pdf)

JAlbum (make your own web photo albums)

JAlbum skin repository


Malina filtros Maniac (download various filters + plugins for photoshop)

Pixel fixer (remove dead/hot pixels from your camera)

Tone Hacker and other tools by Guillermo Luijk




Mounting the camera on a car glass/window and other items (Kirk enterprises)


Nikon + GPS


Cheap GPS connection cables

Dawntech GPS for Nikon (di GPS)


Sensor cleaning


Cleaning digital cameras

Lens clens (cleaning liquid)

Moose Petersons's video 1

Moose Petersons's video 2

Moose Petersons's video 3

Moose Petersons's video 4

Visible Dust


Schools, tutorials...


Adobe's digital photography white papers

Aula de especialización fotográfica

Artículos sobre composición /Articles about photographic composition (colección de artículos sobre composición)

Blank paper (escuela fotográfica en Madrid)

Digital camera tutorials

Eduteka: composición fotos

How is made a lens (video)

Kelby Training

Maine Media, The workshops

Man Ray (escuela fotográfica en Madrid)

Optics and geometry (pdf, very nice document)

Optics for digital photography

Planos de Cine

Strobist (everything about illumination)

Ultravioleta (escuela fotográfica en Madrid)

Travel Photography Network (Info about travel photography: what to do, what to visit, where to go...)

Photographic material

CNET Reviews (large variety of reviews)

Digital Camera Lens (lens reviews)

Flash gels (lots of Lee gels for flashes and tone corrections)

Lee Filters

Phil Askey's DP Review (digital photography)

Photodo (lenses sorted by brand)

Photozone (excellent page with lens review)

Steve's Digicams (digital photography)

Vigofoto (reviews of material)


Photographic material and books (stores)


Adorama (USA)

Alibris Online Bookstore (thanks to cereal-killer for the hint)

Alternate (cheap photographic and computer hardware in Madrid - Spain)

American Photo Imp (strobist material in Spain)

Asha-es (good prices in Spain)


Fotocasion (1st and 2nd hand photographic material in Madrid. Largest and probably nicest shop in Spain)

Fotolab30 (photographic material and digital printing)


Fotocinecolor (Shop in Andorra. Offers Finikon warranty to Spanish users)

Precios de Andorra (Another shop in Andorra. Offers Finikon warranty to Spanish users)

Gestion de color (all about monitors, calibration devices, printers...)

Bocaphoto (all kind of Nikon accessories like lens caps, lcd protection screens...)

Kea-Photo (ebay photo store)

List of shops in Spain

Dinasa (high quality digital prints at good prices)

Dnet-Photo (A highly recommended shop in Hong Kong)

Fotodomingo (printing of digital photos in Valencia)

Fotoganga (not very cheap photographic store in Madrid. Do not accept credit cards.)

Domenech Photo (Nikon in Madrid)

Ewa Marine (water proof cases for all kind of cameras)

Liderfoto (printing of digital photos in Madrid)

Morco (UK, more expensive than the others in the UK, but still some interesting material)

Photo Eye (great photographic bookstore)

Robert White (UK, top shop!)

Sydney Andorra (low prices if VAT is not considered)

Teamwork (UK, Lee filters and all kinds of stuff)

Top Preise in Switzerland (price search engine for consumer electronics in Switzerland)

Preissuchmaschine (another price search engine in Switzerland)

Photo shops in Germany (used and new)

Photographic material insurance in Spain JCR asesores (only for professional photographers, Tel 932173450)

Videocine Import (material de cine y filtros)

2nd hand photographic material

Mercadillo Ojo digital

Mercadillo de Nikonistas

Mercadillo de Foto Popular

Tablón de anuncios de fotonatura

Mercadillo de Ikatz

Compra/venta en Fotozone

Compra/venta en Quesabesde.com


Photographers, guides and galleries


Baltazar Art (Excellent Dragan effects)

BetterPhoto (online photography guide)

Concursos de arte (1arte)

Galen Rowell (Mountain Light)

JGG web (Juan García Gálvez)

Lugares con encanto

Marta Pereyra

Norman Koren Photography (miscellaneous information + tutorials)

Ojo digital

One exposure

Pelle Piano's StudioBild

Sergio de la Torre

Time catcher

Yann Arthus-Bertrand (author from Earth From Above among others)


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