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Here you will find all kind of links and information about GPS.


GPS units





General Information


Keen People GPS users community

Spanish GPS site (Links, forums and much more in spanish)

Geopainting (homepage for GPSMapEdit. Make your own GPS maps)

IMG files upload (How to transfer img files to your Garmin GPS)


Create your own maps for GARMIN GPS


Make your own GPS maps by Doug Adomatis is a short and useful article for learning how to make maps

How to create GPS maps for Garmin contains useful info about how to create a whole map project for GARMIN units


GPS software


Comparison of different GPS software tools allows you to decide which set of programs are best suited to your needs (formats, purposes)


Main programs:

GPS Utility opens a very large set of file formats

Ozi Explorer has excellent user map calibration tools

Expert GPS is an automatic downloading tool of aerial photos and topo maps from the Internet (TerraServer)

Topofusion downloads topos and aerial maps from Terraserver

GPSmapper is a program for creating vector maps which can be later downloaded to Garmin GPS receivers

TrackMaker (allows to create detailed maps to be processed with MapDekode)

MapDekode (allows to create img files)


Other tools:

USAPhotoMaps uses the GPX data format, transfers data to/from Garmin and Magellan receivers, has moving map support, and is free

Wissenbach Map imports GPX data files, edits data overlaid on DRGs, uploads to Garmin. 3-D version available

GPS visualizer allows you to upload GPS eXchange (.gpx) files to view on a variety of base maps. It's free, but it is currently only an on-line program

Fugawi's strong suite is the ability to import digital maps from a variety of commercial sources. Regrettably, the downloadable demo does not allow import/export of data

Trailgauge is designed specifically for runners and cyclists. Download topo maps aerial photos, plan route, interface with GPS. 3D Visualization, elevation profiles, and more.




GPSnow! (Almost everything at good prices)

Waypoints (Nautical navigation hardware and software)




Editorial Alpina


Centro Nacional de Información Geográfica



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