Nuclear Data Services

National Data Center at Brookhaven

IAEA's Nuclear Data Services

NEA's Nuclear Data Bank

Los Alamos' T2 Nuclear Information Service

Lawrence Berkeleys´ Isotope Project - LUNDs University Nuclear Data Dissemination page

Exploring the table of isotopes (both data and educational)

Meetings on nuclear data

JEFF documents

Swiss regulations on radioactive materials (samples at CERN)


Mass attenuation coefficients μ/r for elements and compounds, where m is the linear attenuation coefficient and r is the density. I=I0exp(-μx)




Radiactive sources


Isoflex Isotopes (stable isotope provider)

United Nuclear (radioactive sources, equipment...)

CT-RAD (concrete, robots, shielding and doors for accelerator bunkers)

Perfiles de aluminio (varios proveedores)

La boutique del imán (imanes permanentes)


DAQ and electronics


Acquitek (DAQ, digitisers)




United Electronic Industries (DAQ, digitisers)




Other Resources


Blog on Nuclear Science and Technology (in spanish)



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